M/S.AURONATURE is a non profit organization. It is situated in the International Township of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, and rural south India, dedicated to promoting a craft that takes us back to simple and natural way of living. Our working area is around 1500 sq.mts

Since the inception of” “AURONATURE” in 2004, we are giving special trainings to apply our experiences and make them available to villages in our area and beyond. Mainly it is started in view to providing employment opportunities to villagers around Auroville.


The products manufactured are highly qualified herbal handmade soaps with aroma therapies in a wide variety of fragrances, Incense sticks and all kind of handicrafts. The quality of the work meets the standards of the European market.


Purest and highly qualified raw-materials or ingredients are used in the manufacture of these products. Strict quality control is exercised not only in the selection of raw-materials but in various stages of production as well.


In India our products are sold in prestigious boutiques and stores as well as in the general market. We also a very export to various countries in the world. We also provide personalized packaging in many different languages on request.


The unit progresses in a healthy manner. We would like our unit to have a good reputation abroad to raise the living standard of the people in the unit. We are in progress of creating a Trust and with the help of trust members we are going to produce Perfumed Candles, Incense, Handicrafts, Textiles, Garments and Lampshades, etc.

1. We are going to participate in IFAT (International Fair Trade Association).

2. We are following the fair trade principles like fair price, transparency, trade honestly, No child labour.

3. We like to have more regular customers to improve the living standard of the workers.

4. If you have any new income generation projects, we are eager to learn and work according to the requirements.


We are running some women self help groups (all are from below poverty line, including widows). Our workers are from the self help groups. The group members are given equal rights. They are doing the monthly savings in the bank and utilizing funds for their own purpose at very low interest. The saving is done according to the income. We are organizing the groups to run in a proper way like conducting monthly meetings , writing records, opening bank accounts, arranging government funds, etc.

We directly involve ourselves in most of the social activities as long as there is no involvement from the politicians.

1. Monthly village cleanliness drive.

2. Contributing to most of the village sports activities.

3. We also involve in temple celebrations twice a year.


Auronature gives first priority to the workers welfare. We provide a clean atmosphere. The workers are given fair wages. The employees get paid sick leave up to one week. The workers are given gifts at the cost of $50 against their festival. Bonus is given to the workers yearly twice for religious festivals Deewali and Pongal.

Auronature takes care of the employee’s medical treatment and all worker are affiliated to welfare schemes such as EPF (Employees Provident Fund) and FPS (Family Pension Scheme).under these schemes the workers get old age pension and retirement benefits. Once in every year a farewell trip is arranged.